Sunday, 12 September 2010

Stupidity, intolerance and mindless hatred

Just my opinion but have those flag burning fools in Pakistan and other moslem countries given a thought about where a large percentage of their aid comes from? I think not. America has always given freely and unstintingly of her wealth as far as I can see.
   Just because one crank with 50 followers decides to burn a pile of books, will that really make a difference to anybody? It just shows how many intolerant and unthinking people there are in islam. sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, as they saying goes. It must be pretty obvious to that imman that he is deliberately provoking a backlash. There are nutters on both sides. How long will it be before somebody decides to fly or plant some sort of bomb in that building when the faithful/dupes, take your pick, are at Friday prayers? Don't say I didn't warn you folks. If mohammed atta were buried somewhere, he'd be spinning in his grave with laughter right now. Just glad I'm a Pagan, that's all. We don't hate anybody, and we don't have any kind of book claiming to be the one and only word of God who will destroy you if you don't slavishly obey it's every word.

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  1. YO Stephen,

    Burning of books goes back a long way i.e. the Library of Alexandria. Its a wonder we have advanced at all.